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Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning

Year 6

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Prepare to explore the wildest weather as we chase storms around the world- from the monsoons in India to ‘Hurricane Alley’ in the mid-west. We are going to learn about what causes these stunning, yet catastrophic, occurrences around the world. What can we do to prevent it? How can we help sort out the aftermath of such devastation?

Maths and English

With just two weeks until SATs, we will be covering a whole range of Maths questions as final preparation for the tests. In English, our focus will be on SPAG and reading comprehension.


In Science, we are going to be thinking about all things electrical- including lightning! We will be learning about circuits, conductors and insulators.


We will be thinking specifically about Buddhism and their approach to religion and their values in life. How are their values the same as ours? What differences are there? Which is a better way of living?

We do PE on Thursdays!

Our Prayers

House List

Welcome to Year 6 with Mr Bramhill &


Mrs Whitehouse